Dan Budde



"Painting of the narrow gauge traveling from Silver Plume to Georgetown, Colorado, through
the continental divide, over the last stretch. This is the most difficult few miles ever attempted
through the Colorado mountains, west of Denver. The trestle depicts the tallest crossing. I love
the painting because it depicts the beauty of the area in winter, which I miss on my visit to Colorado
                                                      in June of 79"        Bonnie Lennon    Atlanta Georgia

"I gave Dan a photo of my back yard with towering oak trees after a fresh snowfall, and he painted it
  exactly like the photo."                 Carol   Texas


"I am proud to own two original paintings done by Dan Budde, every time people come into my home
that is the first thing they comment on. They are amazed at the detail and use of color."
                                                                        Alan Doyle  Clinton Iowa

"We ordered a painting from Dan Budde in the summer of 08 and he personally took the time and made
a trip to our farm both in the summer and winter seasons so that we could see all the settings our
farm could be painted in. he was very organized and communicated very well with us and made sure
                    we got a quality painting. We love it."        Cassara Beaumont     California


"Dan's painting has graced our living room wall for about a year. The detail is so good you would
except the biplanes to start moving anytime. I love the colors of the sky, I own an airport and when
the colors of the sky outside match the colors of the sky in the painting.....it's time to fly! Nice work
                                                    Dan."                    Jim Robinson      Erie Illinois


"I asked Dan to paint the farmhouse and barn where I grew up in Iowa, he did it from a distance,
showing the beautiful surrounding fields I so love. It turned out absolutely awesome. anyone would
be proud to own one of Dan's painting because he is very much in tune with the buyers expectations.
and paints from the heart of enjoyment over the view that you want to enjoy for years to come."
                                                                              Bette Mottet    The Villages  Florida