Commissioned Oil Paintings by DAN BUDDE


             How to commission a painting          


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You can email me at Send a photo or photos of your subject if you can.
If it's only an idea you want to run by me that's ok to.
I've had customers send a stick figure drawing or a sketch if it's an idea
in their head, sometimes just a description to start with gets the ball rolling.
Then I will email back with price or ask for the information I need.
Often it takes a few emails back and forth to nail down the idea for the painting.

Once we have the price, size and dimensions figured out I ask for a small down
payment. I sketch out your painting on canvas and email it for your approval before
starting to paint. I'll email again when I'm about 80% done to make sure I'm on track
with what you want and once more when completed. With oils it's not a big deal to make
changes if needed. Once your completely satisfied you can pay the balance and I ship
FedEx. I include the shipping in the price so you know the total in the beginning. I do guarantee
your satisfaction after you receive and will refund if needed. To date this has only
 happened once.

The price is determined by the size and time it takes to paint your subject. Prices
start at $245 and the average is around $400 for a 20" by 24" or 20" by 30"

The shape of the canvas will be determined by the shape of the subject. some
of the sizes available are 16 by 20 - 18 by 24 - 20 by 24 -20 by 30 - 22 by 28
24- by 30 - 24 by 36 - 12 by 36. The upper limit is around 48" by 48" or 36" by 48"
I'll work this out for you from you idea unless you know the size you want then tell me.

If you visit the page Special creations you will see that almost anything can be
created for you. So no matter what your idea put it down in words and we will
get working on it.

I don't frame the painting but can paint on a gallery wrap canvas. On these I paint the
sides so it can be hung without a frame. It depends on the subject and your tastes.

Send an email and we'll get going. Oh It usually takes me about two weeks to
do a painting.