Commissioned Oil Paintings by DAN BUDDE


                 Special Creations      




Most of these paintings are shown in other galleries but I wanted to give a narrative that may help
you in going forward with your own idea for a paintings. These paintings were done with a photograph
or two and a lot of piecing and sketching to complete the whole. In other words if you have an idea
but don't really have all of what you need in photos to send me, I can create a lot with little.

I call these special because all of these paintings were created from a vision or idea that a customer
presented to me and we worked it out into something unique and truly special for the person who
received it as these are usually surprise gifts.

About these paintings

The painting above depicts a man who died tragically very young. His daughter was only two.
He played football for Nebraska. The husband of the daughter on the far right surprised her
by having me paint the whole family on the Nebraska field including grandsons who played football
granddaughter (cheerleader), siblings and their spouses to commemorate by wearing big red jerseys. The
Grandfather/Father/Husband was someone who to some here was only known through a few photographs.
.This was a way to bring the whole family together to honor his memery. Only a few poor photos
were available of the man and we had no photos of the family in any of these poses, just others
facing to the front, but with the detailed description of them all and some creation it all came together.






Delta Queen

Others are more simple like the Delta Queen paddlewheel boat put into a scene of the
Mississippi river off the shore of a customers back yard.



The couple with the zombies in zombie land play this game together and she had the idea of
putting him and her together getting ready to enter the danger that awaits them. With a few
photos of them, photos of some zombies off the web and a pic of his favorite jersey, I
created them in this zombie town modeled after some game scenes. An inscription was
added to the top to tell the story.



The sailboat was owned by the father who received this as a gift. He had sold it and
his daughter thought it would be a great gift to him in remembrance of all the good times
the family had on the CHIEF. Taking photos of the bay they often sailed and a sailboat
like theirs I was able to add the whole family in from descriptions from the daughter.


Morning Walk Personalized

The couple walking with the dog was a real challenge. The son of this couple asked
 if I could take a famous painting by Thomas Gainsborough (Morning Walk) and put the
 likeness of his parents swapped with the original subjects. His father was a admirer of this
famous English artist and they even honeymooned in England, Gainsborough's country.

With  photos of his mom and dad and the painting I tweaked and sketched my
my way through this. Gainsborough paints in layer upon thin layer of paint to get his
 look, so this took awhile to get close. I hope he's not rolling over in his grave.



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So what ever idea that you can dream up for that very special unique
painting, give me a try. I'm always up to the challenge

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